Book Nest

Simple and easy to use app to track books you own or wish to buy. Keep track of books you have lent. Record your book reviews and reading history.


Privacy policy

General information

Book Nest highly values privacy of its users and their data. This privacy policy is intended to inform you about the data we collect, how we use it, and what choices you have. This policy applies to all Book Nest apps and services.

Data storage

You have two options on how to use Book Nest.

In the first option you can use the app with only local storage on your device. Your books, cover images, review's etc. are not sent to anyone. Only you are in control of your data. Which also means that it's your responsibility to do data backups.

The second option is to bind your local account to online profile. If you opt in for online profile all the data you have saved in the app will be sent to the cloud for safe keeping. That will include the list of the books in your catalogue, any book covers you have taken, notes, reading log etc. This allows us to provide you with account recovery and synchronization between multiple devices. Your data is stored in the secure Google data centers. At any moment you can request for your profile to be deleted from online storage. During profile deletion we will delete any data you have uploaded, and you will no longer be able to recover your account.

You can convert from one usage type (local or the one with online profile) at any time through the Settings section of the app.

What other information gets sent to the cloud

If you are using barcode scanner to scan books or are looking up books by ISBN, we send the ISBN to the cloud to get the book information. This data does not get linked to your profile.


To improve application quality and features, very limited analytics are done about the app behaviour. Data about app crashes or most used parts of the app are sent to the servers. No information to identify a person is sent. Just like we don't perform analytics on the information you have stored in the app.

If you have a question about this privacy and how your data are collected, used and stored when you use Book Nest app, please feel free to email us at info[at] with the subject line “Data handling”.

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